Sunday, April 20, 2008

Typhoon Schmyphoon

I survived my first ever typhoon!  
Typhoon Neoguri, in case you hadn't heard, was the earliest typhoon to hit China in almost six decades -- and I know that the sole reason was so I could experience a typhoon before going home! Typhoon season doesn't typically begin until June.

When I left work on Friday, there was a level 1 warning in effect, which basically means that there's some nasty weather on the way.  By the time I finished dinner, the warning was up to level 3 (strong winds and expected to become stronger).  It was all very exciting! 

On Saturday, it was pouring with rain and very windy -- pretty much like a mild hurricane; basically, a tropical storm. It sucked that I couldn't really do anything outside though and I was bummed because it looked like my hike that was planned for Sunday was going to be canceled.

By 10:30 Saturday night, the rain and wind had stopped completely and everything miraculously dried up overnight.

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