Monday, April 21, 2008

Some Creatures Great and Small

With the typhoon out of the way and the sun drying things up, a group of us went out to the New Territories to hike about 11 kilometers on Stage 2 of the MacLehose Trail on Sunday.

This hike was nowhere near the level of difficulty of Violet Hill and the Twins, but it was longer and the scenery was magnificent.

This little guy picked us up near the start of the trail and led the way for quite a few miles before we lost him

Here's one of the many inclines along the trail 

Each time we reach the top of an incline, we were treated to a spectacular view

And then it was back down

Here I am making a new friend

And then, I saw dead people! Ancient burial ground complete with urns!

Here you can get an idea of one of our descents (of course there was an ascent preceding it). And yes, those people were part of my hiking group - I was that far ahead!

Here is an abandoned village that reminded me of Imber Village in England

When we finished our hike, we were to take a ferry boat back to the village where we started; however, we had just missed the last ferry for the day.  We were faced with hiking an additional 2-3 kilometers to God knows where, when one of the guys in our group called out to a small fishing boat. The woman on the boat said she could bring us back. It was a speed boat, but it was small and I was scared!  The eight of us piled in and we were off.

View from the boat

We crashed hard into the dock, but I did survive. From there, we took a bus to Sai Kung, which is famous for seafood and had a huge meal in one of the restaurants on the water. Unfortunately, we had to pick our meal -- I just couldn't do it (and neither could some other girls in the group), so we let the guys pick our meal. It was very good, but I felt guilty and am now contemplating giving up seafood for good!

Hmmm, how many of these wound up on my plate?

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