Monday, April 14, 2008

Here I Go Again

Since hearing about my hike up to the Big Buddha a few weeks ago, Lailany and Eric really wanted to check it out. We had planned to do the hike and met on Sunday morning. They even convinced Theresa to join us (after a full night of partying for her).

We climbed and climbed -- sweating up a storm the entire way. Poor Theresa was falling behind -- the look on her face was priceless! Try as I might, I could not convince that crew to ditch the Buddha and proceed up to Lantau Peak (2nd highest mountain in Hong Kong).

Lantau Peak -- I may have to attempt it by myself

After about an hour and a half of nothing but climbing, we reached our destination. Then it was time to run up those 268 steps again! Eric flew up them -- I was following him, but fell a little behind. Lailany was just behind me, followed by Theresa.

Yeah, I know -- it is great marathon training

Here we are at the bottom of the Buddha -- you may notice how tired and sweaty we are (especially me)!

We took the bus back down the mountain, and as soon as Theresa saw the outlet malls, she got her second wind and spent the next few hours shopping -- the rest of us got on the train to go home.

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