Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Times Like These...

As I sit in the hospital waiting for my father to come out of surgery, I have nothing to do but pray and reflect on these past few months, weeks, days...

My universe has really been testing me this year. I thought I was finally in a place where I had learned how to forgive and move forward. I was happy and positive and looking forward to every day, in spite of certain things that were swirling around like vultures, waiting for me to give up and break down.

Then, bad news. Two days later, more bad news. And certain happenings reminded me of two things:
  1. The person/people you THINK you want/need to comfort you during these times; the one(s) who said they would be there, have your back no matter what, stay away - far, far away.
  2. The person/people you take for granted are there, every minute, every day, in contact, praying, hoping, comforting, providing shoulders for you to cry on, making sure you eat, making sure you are comfortable, making you laugh...
It's times like these when the universe is showing you that the RIGHT people are in your life and the WRONG people aren't worthy of your love, your attention, your thoughts. They stay away for a reason -- because they don't deserve you.

To all the RIGHT people in mine and my family's life -- we love you so much and are so thankful for your support and comfort during these difficult times.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

"Eff" Parkinson's

I’m ashamed.

It all began with me feeling sorry for myself. I was consumed with myself and the loss of someone I had believed and hoped was “for real;” someone who would be in my life forever. Then, I started thinking of all the ways in which I had not been a great friend to the wonderful people who stick with me no matter what. I started thinking of how I could’ve been a better wife . . . a better girlfriend . . .  And then I started thinking about how I could’ve been a better daughter, sister, niece, cousin to my family. It was all about ME. Poor, poor JillyG.

A few weeks ago, life slapped me hard – very hard.  But it didn’t just slap me.  It slapped the people who in no way, shape, or form deserve to be slapped . . . my parents.

I am extremely, extremely fortunate to have grown up in a happy, well-adjusted, harmonious family. Sure, my early years were tumultuous, due to abandonment, selfishness, and lies on the part of one individual. Then, the universe decided to bless me, my mom, and my younger sister with a savior – my dad.

My dad – oh, I can’t do him justice with my blogger words, but I can say that he is one of the most selfless, caring, loving, inspiring, motivating, smart, funny, amazing individual to ever grace this earth. His love for my mom transferred to her two toddler girls and so began our family (and eventually a later addition, my brother). My dad gave me a life that every girl dreams of. He and my mom never fought (well, at least not in front of us kids). I experienced true love, respect, and tolerance through my parents. We laughed so, so much. We sang. We camped. We spent much time in Hersey, PA. We learned about values and responsibility. We learned that disappointing our parents was much worse than being grounded or slapped. We were held accountable for our actions. We lived. We loved.
Then, Parkinson’s happened. Fuck Parkinson’s. It happened to the one person who LEAST deserves it – my dad. He lived with it fine for a long time. We even joked about it. Then….more abandonment. More lies. More disappointment. And, the disease accelerated. And we were not; are not prepared.

I looked at my dad a few weeks ago, and while I noticed a bit of a weight gain (especially when pushing him in his chair), he seemed to be enjoying himself and my lousy singing during a night out of karaoke. Then, the next day, everything changed. I looked at my dad and . . . Fuck Parkinson’s.
My dad is still my dad, but he is not – if that makes sense. I know he loves me. I know he loves my mom. And I know my mom loves him. But, but – my heart is breaking. His quality of life has diminished greatly. For someone who has lived his life with so much love and laughter, I am so, so, so angry that this is how it is going to end. HE DOES NOT DESERVE THIS, AND NEITHER DOES MY MOTHER! Fuck Parkinson’s!

I am dedicating the rest of my life to helping in any way that I can to find and fund a cure for this disease .  . .  to help not only the victims, but also their caregivers  . . . beginning with a 5K charity run on August 25th in Southern California. More information will be available soon, and it would be awesome if you want to help in any way.
I was ashamed. Now, thanks (again) to my amazing parents, I have motivation and encouragement to stop feeling sorry for myself and to make a difference – something they have always and will always remind me to do. FUCK PARKINSON’S!!!