Friday, March 7, 2008

Whatta Wild Week!

Sunday, March 2: Ran and barely finished the L.A. Marathon. Did a ton of laundry. Met with Rene, who will be staying at my place while I am away and while he is in the midst of moving into his new home.

Monday, March 3: Really sore legs (unusual for me, but not surprised since it was the longest I had run in more than a month). Packed, packed and packed some more. Went to the eye doctor about a weird bump on my eyelid that I had for weeks and figured I should get it checked before leaving. He didn't like what he saw and sent me to another doctor. Three hours later, I was home to finish packing. 

In case you're wondering, I've never been to Asia before and had no idea about food, so I packed a little kit for me (it will probably only get me through two weeks and then I will have to beg/bribe/plead for someone to send more, unless Hong Kong is not as "third world" as I am making it out to be).

Tuesday, March 4: Woke up early to ensure I had packed enough (two suitcases, a large duffel bag and my computer backpack should do it), and then I waited for the cab. Got to the airport, checked in, and an hour later I was on the plane. The flight itself was pretty uneventful. Thanks to my wonderful friends, I had magazines, chocolate, writing journals, books about Hong Kong and other goodies to keep me occupied during the 14 hour flight.

Wednesday, March 5: I arrived in Hong Kong at around 7:00 p.m. Hong Kong time (that's 14 hours ahead of L.A.). Got through immigration/customs without incident and met the driver that was taking me to my apartment. First impression is "WOW" - what a wild city full of water, people, lights, buildings, boats, bridges, more lights, more people, more buildings. It seemed as if there was a contest between architects to design not only the tallest building, but as many similar buildings in the same area. There are many of the same types of buildings in clusters (reminds me of Trump Towers in Coney Island where my Aunt Carol lives - but on a much grander scale). Of course, I couldn't sleep this night, so I spent a lot of time unpacking.

After unpacking, I realized I forgot my beloved Saltines!

Thursday, March 6 and Friday March 7: First days of work. Henri (my boss in Hong Kong), met me on Thursday morning and we walked across the street to the office building. My commute is phenomenal! I thought my 3 mile commute in Burbank was great, but this is awesome! The Times Square building houses a huge (~14 floors) shopping and dining mall, with a grocery store in the basement, and offices up to 40 or so floors - and miracle of miracles, Starbucks is on the 3rd floor! My office is on the 21st floor.

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