Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I have a new boyfriend in Hong Kong. He spends quality time with me every night before I go to sleep. He keeps me from getting homesick and provides me with hours of mindless entertainment. We have a long-distance relationship (he is in Burbank), but it doesn't make a difference. His name is Sling.

We met in January at the Best of CES show on the Disney Studio lot and it was love at first sight. He made me realize that I could be the number one gal in his life, even at 7,000 miles away, and even if I come home from work late. He doesn't care and is always there when I need him. Every day is Valentine's Day with Sling! 

Sling brings me "Big Brother"! "The Young & The Restless"! "The Biggest Loser"! "Lost"! "CLEAN HOUSE"! And while you may be shaking your head at the guilty pleasures of my American TV, let me tell you that anything (and I mean anything) beats Chinese TV.
Sling lets me control my TV and DVR box back in Burbank so that I can watch anything I want on my Mac here at Shama. My TV remote even appears on my computer. Not only can I watch live TV (including my cable movie channels), but also stuff I've recorded on the DVR. And I can set up additional shows to record. How cool is that?!

The Simpsons on my Mac!

So, if you are like me, living far away from your TV, and can't do without your weekly dosage of Niecy and handsome "go-to" guy Matt, or Victor Newman and the daily happenings in Genoa City, or the sleaze-fest that is Big Brother, go out and get yourself a Sling - you'll be glad you did!

Matt and the foolishness whenever I want!

(Just want to wish my sweet niece a happy, happy birthday.  I can't believe it was 19 years ago today when the sister first screamed out those labor pains and brought you into our world. Love you lots, Jessica!)

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