Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ford Ironman Arizona Full to General Entry

November 25, 2008
Tempe, AZ - The 2009 edition of Ford Ironman Arizona to be held on Sunday, November 22, 2009 is full to general entry. Information regarding Community Fund spots will be made available in the near future, please check back at the www.ironmanarizona.com for further details.

That message greeted me this morning when I went to check on my registration status. Yes, I AM IN! For proof, see image below.

I've been told that registering for a slot is harder than the actual event. Not sure how true that is, but registration really had me freaking out. It took almost an hour. Every time I got to the actual registration page on Active, it would time out and tell me the "server is busy" -- believe me, I was ready to cry. Then, I finally got to the page where I needed to input my credit card number and it kept denying it! I put my debit card number in and that, too, was denied! Thankfully, my savior, Julie was on her computer at the same time and knew how crazy I was getting -- she registered me with her credit card and I was in! Later, I went to my bank where they informed me that there was nothing wrong with my cards and they couldn't understand why they didn't go through. I guess it must've been the busy servers.

Anyway, keep reading -- for the next year, not only will I continue with my running and biking, but I will also be getting over my body image so that I can learn to swim!


CBW said...

You rock!!! We'll be there to cheer you on and hand you a beer at the finish line.

Running Jayhawk said...

I'll be there with you!! I can't believe I actually signed up. It's all sort of surreal...