Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Great Wall, Here We Come!

Yikes!  In less than 16 hours, I will be on my way to Beijing to run the Great Wall Marathon. Thanks to all of your votes, emails and instant messages of encouragement, I have decided to just go for it and have fun -- no stressing over time goals!

Got a text message from Cindy earlier to inform me that she was on the plane -- she's flying high over the Pacific Ocean right now.

I'll meet Cindy in Beijing early tomorrow night. On Thursday morning, we have to board a bus at 5 AM for the three-hour drive to the wall. This is known as "inspection day," and we will actually walk the length of the wall that is included in the marathon. We will be back at our hotel by 5 pm. Friday is a "free day" and we need to be on the bus at 3 AM(!) on Saturday morning for the event. Marathon gun goes off at 7:30 AM and hopefully we will be on the return bus before 3:00!

Based on my experience in Shanghai last week, I'm not sure I'll be able to blog while in Beijing; however, watch this space because there's bound to be LOTS of stories next week, including a full race report.


Dena said...

be careful honey...no damage due to the earthquake? Beijing is kind of a mess...

Can't wait to hear how you do and see you in a few weeks!!!!

I am resolved said...

Hey Jill! That's awesome :) you have to tell me all about it. Sounds very exciting! Be careful over there though, is that near the damage of the earthquakes?